Anagami Studio
Your digital accounting

  • Online based accounting team
  • Client access to the cloud accounting

  • Manage documents and teams in one place

  • Accounting services at a click away

Anagami Studio
Accounting team and accounting product in one. Shared office space in real time.

Technological, entirely in the cloud, optimizing time and human resources accounting service.
Anagami Studio provides 3 important solutions for the operation of any business:


Accounting services

You are served by a professional accounting team

  • Accounting

  • Payroll

  • Financial analysis

  • Tax consulting


Accounting Software

24/7 access to documents and references

  • Invoices, proforma, credit notices

  • Stocks and cost management

  • References and statistics
  • Import and export of documents


Management platform

You, your team, the accountant and the documents in one place

  • Teams and employees

  • Documents

  • Notes

  • Tasks

Anagami Studio Features

Upload invoices and other documents for accounting

  • Upload multiple documents at once

  • Upload by months

  • Bank documents, salaries, VAT, purchases, sales

Easy invoicing

  • Invoice list filters

  • Tax invoices, proforma, credit and debit notices, protocols, goods receipts

  • Statistics on various indicators

  • Inquiries for unpaid and overdue invoices

  • Direct sending to the client’s email and status tracking

Professional looking documents

  • Lots of templates

  • Compliant with all accounting standards

  • PDF format

Reports by days, weeks, months, quarter and year.

Chat with dedicated accountant

Add expenses

Products and Services Management

  • Management of stocks
  • References to each product

  • Grouping by brands and suppliers

  • Direct publication of products in and

  • Possibility for direct connection with online e-commerce platforms

Customer management

  • Notes and customer file

  • Monitoring of turnovers and payments

  • Archive of documents related to a specific client

  • Categorization

  • Information on sold goods and services

Anagami Studio Services

Flexible. Combine what you need.


  • Professional bookkeeping team
  • Online communication
  • Invoicing and document archives
  • Оnline banking and payments as a service
  • Document administration


  • Complete accounting services
  • Payroll
  • Financial statements
  • Tax management
  • Financial analysis and management


  • Dedicated accountant
  • Always available
  • Part of your team
  • Part of your business development goals
  • Selected according to customer criteria


  • Preparation of wages
  • Administration of leave and absences
  • Contracts/documents preparation
  • Calculation of compensations
  • Tax and insurance consulting


  • Receipt and write-off of goods / materials
  • Inquiries for quantities and stocks
  • Information on contractors
  • Information by periods
  • Accounting for production


  • Collection of documents
  • Correspondence with contractors
  • Administration of receivables and payables
  • File processing and tabular information
  • Document translation

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